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The Palmetto Pipers "no frills" tune page for members only:

For the software go here:  Bagpipe Player Software --  Download both the Bagpipe Player and the Convert Utility.

Install according to directions.

The list of zip files below contain various music collections totaling over 3,000 tunes which were collected over the net and converted to this format.

This software isn't perfect, but with sound cards will allow midi playback.  It will allow you to vary the tempo.  If your sound card doesn't support the midi playback in the program, you can either use the PC speaker or save to a midi file and play it.

Programming tunes looks to be a bit unwieldy, but I haven't really gotten into it yet.  

The Columbia file contains most of our music.

Here is the music medley.  To download--(IE)-Right Click and Save Target as. (Netscape)-Right Click and Save Link as.

Order:    Denny Pace, Iverness Rant, Balm in Gilead, Piper of Drummond, Willlies Brogues

Music to God Bless America in GIF

Music to God Bless America in BMW (for program noted above)